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What Makes VCFR Different?

When you are in need, confused and vulnerable:  what are you going to do?  Facing some life situation that you've never faced before: in a strange "no man's land"?  Asking yourself, "Which way do I turn?"    Feeling rejected and alone: trust has been shattered. Thinking, "I have no clue what to do or where to turn". 

Somehow you've found us and we are not here by accident!  As you read more about each staff member you'll learn why we continue to be a successful practice for nearly 30 years.

There are some things you do know - you know you want to feel accepted and understood.  But there's more.  You want to be confident that the person you're talking to knows what they are talking about.  And the counselor's core values, that ultimately shapes the counsel that is given, is founded on rock solid values.  

In other words, you want the very best care available.  When family and friends, as well as professionals in our community (medical caregivers, doctors and clergy) refer to us, they trust the quality of counseling services our staff provides.   About 90% of our clients come to us by "word of mouth".   

In today’s world, a lot of research is being done on counseling outcomes, how the brain works, and what makes people happy.  We value good research, and structure our therapy around what has been shown to be best for people.  Interestingly, we find that much of the research into types of therapy and neuroscience simply validates tried and true biblical principles for thinking and living.  Scientists tell us that the brain is massively wired for relationships (we knew that), and that people are happier when their relationships are going well (we knew that, too).  It turns out that God's greatest commandment, loving Him and our neighbor, is good for mental health as well.  We're encouraged that many scientific findings support what we've been doing in our counseling offices for years.  Additionally, we review and research the latest  "evidence-based" counseling methods, to continually refine our approaches.

 We seek to provide non-judgmental, compassionate, and effective  counseling.  Understanding the challenges with which individuals and families are experiencing when they contact our office is vital to having the caring environment where healing begins.  We strive to insure VCFR is a safe place where you and your family receive the best care and highest level of confidentiality.

When it pertains to issues of faith, we see clients from all worldviews, Christian and non-Christians.   As a faith based counseling center, we know some people value and desire a Christian counseling approach.   They are eager to see how the current challenges are to be addressed from a Biblical world view and how this impacts one's life for good or ill.  Others see no value in faith based counseling.  Either way, we respect each person's beliefs.  We know our job is not to impose our faith on others but to hear and address your concerns, distress and relational challenges in a professional and effect manner.   Care and compassion are critical to ultimately achieving the goal of you being able to move forward: more fulfilled and more at peace. 

 "From a Christian perspective since 1986"

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